Sustainable Gifting – How To Make A Modern Eucalyptus & Pine Christmas Wreath

There are a lot of things I love about this season and the time leading up to Christmas. Eeeek. (Let’s just focus on the good stuff for the remainder of this year shall we.) This winter I’ve decided to create my first ever “front door” Christmas wreath and DIY one myself. I have decided to give this to my boyfriend’s parents as a gift for Christmas. I wanted to get crafty and get my hands dirty which I found greatly beneficial for my mental health too. How making can help heal the mind? It just does. I find it relaxing and it helps to reduce my anxiety besides a rewarding end result. It is also a sustainable and affordable way of getting into the festive spirit, these wreaths will serve you well for years if you pick the right materials.

I love working with flowers so for me this process was a genuinely fun-to-make experience and I’d like to encourage you to try making your own wreath this winter — whether you have a minimalist style or you prefer something a bit more extra, it’s completely up to you how to decorate it.

I kept it very simple and minimal because this is the sort of aesthetic I prefer, but there are so much to choose from when it comes to decoration.

What you’ll need for your modern Christmas wreath:

  • Greenery (I’ve picked up some seasonal bits like eucalyptus and pine from my local “department & home” store (Berylune, Leamington Spa: Modern Day Provisions – Berylune – you can also use preserved oak or any kind of festive greenery that is available to you at this time of the year.)
  • Metal wire wreath ring (they usually sell them in different sizes, I’ve picked up the medium one with a hook)
  • Florists’ wire
  • Floral snips
  • Dehydrated citrus fruits (Lemon, lime, whatever you have around)
  • Berries
  • Pine cone
  • Dried flowers
  • Floral glue (optional)
  • Ribbon
  • Leaves

Shops I recommend buying from if you are from the UK – Support small local businesses where you can. They will appreciate the love especially after a tremendously difficult and unpredictable year like 2020 was so far.

  • Berylune
  • Bramble & Wild
  • Me & My Bloomers
  • Etsy
  • Bloom & Wild

In terms of which “method” I was using — well this is a hard one to answer because I’ve mixed and matched instructions from all over the place.


1. Collect your foliage and decorations. If you are lucky you may even have the right seasonal bits in your garden. Otherwise, you could get them from a garden centre or any home/department/craft/flower store.

2. Prepare your ring. Make sure you have enough greenery to go round.

3. I started with wrapping my florist wire around the ring first and then started tucking my foliage and greenery around it without cutting the wire at any point. Just wrap over and over again.

4. Start adding more foliage. I used the longer pine pieces first and then tucked the smaller ones to a suitable gap — trying to match them against the curve of the wire wreath ring.

5. Make sure you secure each piece to the ring with your florists’ wire. You don’t want it to show too much though.

6. Add some dehydrated fruit, red berries and pine cones.

7. Finish off with a ribbon.

8. And most importantly, decide where to hang your wreath.

This wreath is almost like an extension to my personality and they are such good investment or a thoughtful gift for your loved ones. Pretty and delicate. You just can’t beat a real wreath and I hope you will enjoy making your own just as much as I’ve enjoyed making this one.

Happy holidays.


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