Sustainable Period: My Honest Review About Period Pants

Are period pants worth the faff? In short: Yes, they do.

Let’s tackle menstrual stigma together and remind ourselves that our periods are natural, not shameful.

I love beautiful looking lingerie and I own a lot too. They aren’t quite used for the same purposes though.

I’m passionate about my personal hygiene and this is one of those topics where there is a lot to discuss. We all have different ways of dealing with things and there is certainly no one way or one good way of dealing with your period as such.

I was heavily contributed to plastic waste for years simply by having a period. This sounds unfair as it is something that many of us “unknowingly” do and have, however the period care landscape has exploded and started to introduce new products which is giving you the opportunity to create a happier, more sustainable period — both for yourself and our planet. In the past, I have only used disposable products. Mainly single use tampons which mostly ended up at landfill. The thought of this did not bother me a couple of years ago (I didn’t even think of it as I do now) as much as it does now. It really does bother me right now and so I have taken the conscious decision to improve my habits and over the last two years I have been actively researching and trying out sustainable alternatives and this period-proof FLUX underwear legit changed my life. They are bloody good!

Ready to period better?

I would like to add that for me this was the only alternative that worked so far. The most obvious one is the menstrual cup which seems to have become the go-to alternative for many of my friends and many of you but it certainly did not work for me. I’m paying a lot more attention to my period than ever before without wanting to skip that 5 days of my life each month. I think it’s a wonderful thing that personal hygiene and period care has become such an important topic lately, not to mention the emphasis on period poverty and the growing support around the importance of menstrual education. These are real global problems and they have to be dealt with and talked about.

Where I was born, in Hungary – period poverty affects girls and women in the poorest rural areas where they do not even have access to clean running water, not to mention the expensive sanitary products or clean facilities. Period poverty is real and it means lack of access to sanitary facilities and education which is impacting women at all ages. Many even miss school or work due to these financial constraints.

I’ve always doubted the existence of an eco-product and material that could handle my period and make my life easier but this just shows that I didn’t know enough back then and I was ultimately — wrong about it.

These period-proof panties are pretty, functional, soft, washable and can be worn with other products for extra protection. For some it may sound gross, but it isn’t gross. This is just life and we should all discuss these things and educate the ones around us too.

My favourite part about them is the overnight protection they provide.

With every purchase, FLUX gives a reusable pad to a girl in need which I think is a wonderful initiation, showing it even more how many women are still suffering from period poverty and unable to access these products or facilites.

  • They are stylish and a lot nicer than what you’d expect
  • They are chunky, but not too chunky. They look almost like a normal underwear especially with the added lace details
  • They are made from tencel which makes them soft, comfortable and leak-free
  • Reasonably priced
  • They believe in ethical working conditions and fair wages
  • There is no issue with odour control as many would assume and they are genuinely a good fit
  • I find it very easy to wash it and the quality doesn’t get compromised either

I really love this brand and I will definitely be purchasing more from them in future because they have shaped my entire relationship with my period and single use plastic.

If you are from the UK, you can either order them online Period Pants | Leak-Proof, Comfy, Reusable | FLUX Undies ® or buy them from Holland & Barrett Flux Undies | Holland & Barrett ( (I bought mine from my local H&B)

Have you tried any alternatives yet? If so, do you have a favourite?

I would love to raise awareness around this topic so for this purpose I have also included some Instagram accounts which worth checking out in case you would like to learn more about period poverty, what can you do and remind yourself that you are not alone.

  • Period Poverty Hungary (@periodpoverty_hungary)
  • Pink Bits (@pink_bits)
  • Bloody Good Period (@bloodygoodperiod)
  • Preventing Period Poverty (@preventingperiodpoverty)
  • Period Movement (@periodmovement)


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