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Sustainable Fashion: Veja V10 Sneaker Review

Okay, so I’ve officially joined the team and invested in a pair of Veja V10s. Why did I do that? I’m not really a sneaker-kinda-girl. I have a pair of running shoes and that’s it. This probably says a lot I suppose. I’m on the more elegant/chic side of things when it comes to fashion […]

What Can We Do To Fight Our Climate Crisis?

Over the last couple of years I vowed to leverage my consumer power and take a more active approach to tackle the climate crisis, starting with some pretty significant changes in my life. Embracing this type of lifestyle can be challenging and there are several debates that I had to fight on this with myself […]

My Favourite Slow Living Magazines This Month

This article is about some carefully curated magazines you’ll buy once but use forever. The prints I will list out will help you explore ways to simplify your life, take you to some magical places, cultivate community whilst isolated and show you how to spend quality time with yourself. At this very moment I miss […]

Sustainable Lifestyle Changes You Can Make This Year

There is just so much to absorb about sustainability and zero waste living on the internet (and around us) these days. I can’t emphasise enough how easily we can make small changes to help reduce waste and create a more sustainable home and lifestyle. This doesn’t have to be daunting and there is no such […]

How To Build An Ethical Wardrobe

Building an ethical wardrobe does not start with getting rid of everything you already own. We should stop decluttering our wardrobe entirely just because we’ve learned about sustainable fashion. There are many other ways we can build a more ethical closet over time. If we would start throwing everything away in order to replace it […]

My Cruelty-Free Skincare Routine

I’ve decided to write a blog post about my current skincare routine and favourites just because I feel like I’m in such a great place with it that it’s worth sharing. I have dry and sensitive skin which some of you might also be dealing with. Some people are blessed with great skin or great […]

Sustainable Period: My Honest Review About Period Pants

Are period pants worth the faff? In short: Yes, they do. Let’s tackle menstrual stigma together and remind ourselves that our periods are natural, not shameful. I love beautiful looking lingerie and I own a lot too. They aren’t quite used for the same purposes though. I’m passionate about my personal hygiene and this is […]


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